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The Godfather!

I began my career in tailoring back in 1979 when after leaving school at 16 and not wanting to stay on any longer than necessary I decided to get a job, any job!


My Mother took me to the job centre and there I saw an advertisement for a Junior Sales Assistant at Hepworth's Tailors.

I told my Mother "That'll do!" and so began my career.


I watched the manager measuring his made to measure customers and soon became intrigued at all the different fabrics, styles, measurements and intricacies involved in designing, styling, measuring and fitting of a man's suit and begged him to let me have a go. It was a long time before he trusted me to help customers choose theor fabrics and he would let me double check his measures and write them down as he barked them out.


Eventually he sent me on my first bespoke course in Leeds where I was trained in how a suit is constructed, canvasses, foreparts, meltons, storm collars, fusings, fabrics, buttons, basting etc. I was taught how to measure and how to identify figurations and variations in body shape and posture. I took an exam and passed with flying colours and at long last I was trusted and considered a highly skilled bespoke measurer.


This was a fantastic "apprenticeship" for me and after 7 years I decided it was time to move on.


I have since worked for Burberry as a Visiting Tailor and at Austin Reed for over 15 years as Bespoke and Made to Measure Manager for the company and most recently as Director of Tailoring for Pins and Stripes Bespoke in London.


I have measured many famous people and celebs such as England and Wasps rugby player James Haskell, TV horse racing presenter Nick Luck, Voice of the balls and Radio Two presenter Alan Dedicoat and Harlequins and England rugby legend Nick Easter.


Oh by the way the nick name "Godfather of Tailoring" was given to me due to my extensive knowledge and reputation in the industry and it seems to have stuck!

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