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"How much do your suits cost?"

Two Piece Suits:                               £800 - £1,275

Three Piece Suits:                            £970 - £1,535

Jackets:                                              £610 - £925

Trousers:                                           £315 - 585

Dinner suits (2 Piece):                     £885 - £1,325

Overcoats:                                        £770 - £1,165

Shirts:                                                £125

*These prices are the standard charge and include consultation, design, measuring, construction, fittings, adjustments and delivery.

Additional charges are made for optional non standard extras such as embroidery, velvet collars/pocket flaps, contrast melton etc. These are discussed and agreed at the initial consultation.

"I live in Leeds, will you come this far?"

My easily accesible area is London, South East, Kent, Surrey, Essex, Sussex, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire but I will travel anywhere that is needed. I may have to add a small supplement for longer journeys to cover costs of travel. I will discuss this with you prior to booking an appointment.

"What if I don't like my finished suit?"

Buying a personally tailored suit should never be a gamble, I will guide you through the process to eliminate any chance of you not liking it once finished.


In the unlikely event that there is any problem such as fit or wrong fabric I offer a complete refund to you or a remake, whichever is preferred.

*note: Refunds cannot be offered for non tailor faults such as a considerable weight gain or loss during the manufacturing process  or the client 'not liking' the finished garment or where the client changes his mind after the manufacturing has begun.

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