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At Godfather Tailoring I can provide you with a whole host of tailoring services. My speciality of course is the finest personally tailored suits, wedding attire, jackets and trousers. However I also offer a superb range of tailored shirts, overcoats, and chinos.


Using the best cloths from names such as Dormeuil, Harrisons, Brook Taverner and Loro Piana I am able to bring you Savile Row quality and style at a price you can afford.


I will come to your home or office by appointment, taking the stress and hassle away from you. Together we will discuss your needs and preferences and I will guide you throughout the process of fabric selection, linings, trims and stylle details to ensure you get the garment that not only fits but also compliments your shape and size and style preference.


You can choose your lining from a large selection, add embroidery such as initials, wedding date, nick name etc. Maybe you would like a velvet collar on that tweed jacket? 


Once we have discussed these details I take a set of comprehensive measurements from you, double checking each one before taking your order away to be made.


I will return in approximately 6 weeks with your finished garment where I will fit it on you and make sure it is to your complete satisfaction. Should you need any minor alterations after this first fitting I will take the garment away to get them done which will take approximately 7 working days.


Only when you are completely happy will I be satisfied and will leave the garment with you. I will call you after a few weeks just to make sure everything is to your complete satisfaction.

"Your tailor can become your friend for life!"

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